In love with Scotland

I love Scotland so much it hurts. I love the accents, the landscape, the humour, the climate, the weather, the people, the culture, the local produce, the animals, the plants, the traditions, and even the music. Who doesn’t love a highland cow or the fields of purple heather that blanket the hills in autumn?

There’s so much unique culture here like kilts, ceilidhs, bagpipes, whisky, haggis (vegetarian, of course), and tartan. Sometimes I even find myself listening to bagpipe music! I love that the national flower is a spiky and somewhat unappealing plant, the thistle. While the national animal is a mythical creature, the unicorn. The people are also known for being blunt and direct, which I like, and it’s a fairly egalitarian society.

Michael McIntyre has some very funny clips about Scotland including this one about how patriotic the Scots are. They’re patriotic in an endearing way and never take themselves too seriously.

If I had one complaint it’s that the kilt is traditionally a man’s outfit. Why isn’t there something similar for women? It’s distressing to browse sites selling traditional kilts and to see it’s mostly for men. I feel left out. A Scotsman once told me that when Scottish men wear kilts they feel like preening birds showing off their plumage. I was secretly a little bit jealous as he was explaining it. I want to show off my plumage too! Is it too late to invent a traditional Scottish dress for women?pexels-photo-420233.jpeg





13 responses to “In love with Scotland”

  1. Cécile Avatar

    I love Scotland, I’ve been wanting to move there since visiting twice last year!

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      Yay! Do you think you will? It should be easy for you.

      1. Cécile Avatar

        I hope so! We’re actually planning to come for our honeymoon. To move there, we’ll probably have to wait for my stepson to be older as he doesn’t live with us all the time.

      2. Rachel M Avatar

        Ah, gotcha. That’s not so easy then. I was only thinking work-wise. But a honeymoon here sounds fantastic. Let me know if you have any questions about places.

      3. Cécile Avatar

        I will! 🙌

  2. Jonathan Avatar

    I have only visited Scotland one – a couple of years before we had children we stayed in a fishing village on the firth of forth called St. Monans – walked along the coast paths to nearby villages, visited Edinburgh, Stirling, and lots of other places. For what it’s worth, I think the Scottish Honors are more impressive – more “authentic” than the English crown jewels.

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      I’ve never been to St. Monans or seen the Scottish Honors! I have been to Stirling several times though and really like it. Stirling castle is probably my favourite Scottish castle.

  3. myplaidheart Avatar

    I feel the same way, Rachel. After I met her, I was never the same, haha. I dream of living there one day. 🙂

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      I hope your dream comes true one day.

  4. Avatar

    It’s a great place to live, as long as you like the rain!

    1. lathrowriter Avatar

      Don’t forget when its ‘dreich’ or the ‘haar’. Don’t mention the snow though!!

  5. Pat Johnopolos Avatar

    when I was in Scotland in 1990 I visited Sterling Castle. Across the road they had highland coo and peacocks. One young Italian tourist went into the field to annoy the coo. The coo turned it’s head and the tourist stepped back, onto coo droppings and fell into it. Respect the coo, I say.

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      Definitely good advice 🙂

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