Highland dance and TV rants

It has been a crazy busy week and the craziness is still going. Elizabeth has been performing in her Highland Dance show and we’ve had rehearsals and performances all week with the finale tonight. I helped backstage on two nights and it was really well organised. I’m so impressed with the dance school. The students have three dances each and between dances there are costume and hair changes. Elizabeth’s group had to go from buns to pigtail plaits. Last night was a bit tense to get them all done in time. I’ve done so many plaits now! Here’s Elizabeth dressed for her first dance.


And here she is in costume for the second.


The second dance is performed to Young at Heart.

Then today both kids are reciting their poetry in a competition in the north-east of Scotland.

I saw this funny video on Twitter yesterday where US Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, tells Dutch historian, Rutger Bregman, “Why don’t you go fuck yourself”.


4 thoughts on “Highland dance and TV rants”

  1. Hopefully they gave you and Elizabeth lots of time for hair and costume changes! Phew!

    (She looks very cute, btw.)

    I laughed at the Carlson interview, though inside I was gnashing my teeth in irritation. I am ashamed of the way so many Americans have been presenting themselves to the world, especially that guy who calls himself POTUS. Rutger Bregman is known for his quick wit and humor however, so it was hardly even a fair match for Carlson the ventriloquist’s dummy.

    1. I do think Rutger Bregman deliberately wound him up – why else have the hidden camera and mic? – but he didn’t have to work too hard to get the outburst!

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