Ross Ainslie live in Braemar

Ross Ainslie live in Braemar

We went to a Scottish folk music concert in Braemar last night and it was amazing, to use Daniel’s words. We were worried Daniel and Elizabeth would find it boring or want to leave early but they both loved it. Daniel even described it as a great memory he’ll never forget.

Ross Ainslie played with Ali Hutton and Owen Sinclair. They played guitar, bagpipes, and the whistle. Some songs were slow and others upbeat. Owen Sinclair even sang for some of them. The commentary between songs was delivered by Ali Hutton and it was very funny. He invited the audience to come up and dance and we all did at one point. Then the kids went up by themselves and I took this video below. You can’t really see in the video but our friend’s daughter did the “worm” on the right side of the stage which is what the cheering at the end is about.

For one of the songs Elizabeth went up on her own. I don’t know where she got the courage or the stamina particularly since this song was exceptionally fast. Video below.

3 thoughts on “Ross Ainslie live in Braemar”

  1. I went to a Folk Bal last night and there is something about traditional music for dancing that really pulls people in. The video of Elizabeth was captivating – so much energy flowing around the room.

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