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  • Aberdeen climate strike

    Aberdeen climate strike

    We did our bit and attended the Aberdeen climate strike today. There were about a thousand people there which is pretty good for an oil city. It’s definitely the biggest protest I’ve ever seen in Aberdeen. It was a hot and sunny day. Unusually warm for September but I suppose that’s apt given we were […]

  • Pedal on Parliament 2019

    Pedal on Parliament 2019

    It was Aberdeen’s annual Pedal on Parliament today and we changed tactics slightly by cycling laps around the city centre. In previous years we’ve had a ride starting from somewhere outside Aberdeen and ending up in town. This year we cycled a circuit through town.¬† It worked really well because it was all left turns […]

  • Police Scotland say roads unsuitable for slow-moving individuals

    Police Scotland say roads unsuitable for slow-moving individuals

    Tomorrow Aberdeen will be having a mass bike ride in protest of the lack of cycling infrastructure in the city. This is part of a nation-wide group of protests under the umbrella of Pedal on Parliament 2019. Several weeks ago I notified the police of the event, out of courtesy. In the past they’ve usually […]

  • Mass bike ride in Aberdeen on Sunday 28th April

    Mass bike ride in Aberdeen on Sunday 28th April

    The Aberdeen Cycle Forum is organising a mass bike ride on Sunday 28th April at 11am, starting from Marischal College. This is part of Scotland’s Pedal on Parliament 2019 but this year is a little bit different because the usual Edinburgh ride which attracts thousands of people is not happening. Instead the focus is on […]

  • Air pollution event recap

    Air pollution event recap

    I helped organise an air pollution event in Aberdeen yesterday. This was a joint initiative of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum and Friends of the Earth Scotland. Air quality has been in the news recently because we’re only just starting to understand the harmful effect air pollution has on our health. It’s particularly harmful to young […]

  • The People’s Front of Judea

    So much of life is like a Monty Python sketch. They were so cleverly able to turn life into the absurd and make it funny. Last night I attended an evening of talks for the launch of a new cycling group in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. I gave a talk too and this time there were […]

  • AWPR demo recap

    AWPR demo recap

    The demonstration organised by Aberdeen Cycle Forum and members last Sunday was a huge success. It’s the third such demo I’ve helped to organise and it was by far the best in terms of turnout. Aberdonians are conservative engineers who don’t protest. We go to go work, keep to ourselves, and don’t complain. However people […]

  • Bike paths for all demonstration on 9th September in Aberdeen

    Bike paths for all demonstration on 9th September in Aberdeen

    The new bypass for motor vehicles – the AWPR – is set to open soon and I posted recently about the attempts to make up for the absence of cycling provision in the new road by organising a cycling event where you cannot take a bike. After a lot of bad publicity the event was […]

  • Make Union Street Great Again!

    Make Union Street Great Again!

    I made a few signs about the event coming up in Aberdeen on Saturday, 3rd February, asking for a bike path for Union St. I put one of the signs in Foodstory on the weekend and they took a photo of it and posted it to Facebook! Foodstory are the best. Please go there! I’m […]

  • Calling all Aberdonians!

    Calling all Aberdonians!

    Where: At the King Edward statue, corner of Union Street and Union Terrace. When: Saturday 3rd February from 11:30am – 12:30pm. Aberdeen City Council wants to pedestrianise the city centre but there are no plans for a protected bike path on Union Street. The best way to get more people on bikes is to give […]

  • Butt plugs, deadly nightshade, and hookers

    Apparently a large, green, blow-up Christmas tree in the centre of Paris is outrageous and humiliating if you’re of a right-wing political persuasion. The sculpture, which was part of an exhibition of modern art, was vandalised by right-wing protestors. Why? Because it looks like a butt plug. I have to confess that I didn’t even know what a butt plug […]

  • Creepers against climate change

    I’m feeling a bit disheartened. There were not very many people at the Auckland climate march. Maybe a few hundred? I feel a bit disappointed about this. Don’t people¬†care? It feels a bit like that right now. Perhaps I’m just down because it’s the end of a week with lots of disappointing news. The people […]