AWPR demo recap

The demonstration organised by Aberdeen Cycle Forum and members last Sunday was a huge success. It’s the third such demo I’ve helped to organise and it was by far the best in terms of turnout. Aberdonians are conservative engineers who don’t protest. We go to go work, keep to ourselves, and don’t complain. However people in the hundreds supported this event which shows the level of frustration and anger felt by the cycling community in this region.

It’s shocking that not only has a new road been built without any provision for cycling, but it has messed up what little infrastructure we had. This includes affecting routes that young children were using to cycle to school and can no longer do so. It’s surprising because the government wants us to do more exercise and be less sedentary. They also say they want to create a “cycling city” but there’s a huge gulf between what they say and what they do.

We had a great deal of positive media coverage including being the leading story on STV news on Sunday night. We even got more airtime than the transport minister. The Evening Express, The Press and Journal, and the BBC were all there.

Here’s the BBC story:

Here’s a recording of the STV news piece:


5 responses to “AWPR demo recap”

  1. Well done everyone, the STV coverage looked quite balanced and much longer than the usual. The moves towards safer travel for all seem to be taking shape more and more.

    1. Thank you! It was a great event but we need to see action from the local authority – I’m yet to see that.

  2. […] organised a protest about the new motorway and the failure to include provision for cyclists in a demo in September this year. We thought back then that the AWPR would open within weeks but it’s now mid-November and […]

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