Aberdeen climate strike

We did our bit and attended the Aberdeen climate strike today. There were about a thousand people there which is pretty good for an oil city. It’s definitely the biggest protest I’ve ever seen in Aberdeen.



It was a hot and sunny day. Unusually warm for September but I suppose that’s apt given we were protesting about inaction to address the warming planet. The kids made their own signs and even came up with their own slogans. I thought they did really well.


It was wonderful to see so many young people there and so many young people speaking and taking leadership. All I can say is that I’m sorry my generation and the generation before me have failed you.

There was music entertainment to break up the speeches and it was really good.

At one point I took the kids to Pret to get some lunch and was so proud when Daniel chose the vegan option. I did point out that it wouldn’t be a good look to turn up at a climate change protest eating meat and so Elizabeth picked something veggie and Daniel chose something vegan. I asked him whether it was any good and he said it was “delicious”.

2 thoughts on “Aberdeen climate strike”

    1. Oh fantastic! Foodstory is definitely the best café in Aberdeen in terms of food deliciousness, atmosphere, and price. I’m glad it made it into the Guardian.

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