Pedal on Parliament 2019

It was Aberdeen’s annual Pedal on Parliament today and we changed tactics slightly by cycling laps around the city centre. In previous years we’ve had a ride starting from somewhere outside Aberdeen and ending up in town. This year we cycled a circuit through town.  It worked really well because it was all left turns and there were no roundabouts or scary intersections. This meant more children ventured out on the roads than in previous years.

This was the circuit:


In one hour we cycled 6 or 7 laps. I lost count so I’m not completely sure but it was definitely at least 6 laps. There were around 100 of us and a great mix of people, ages, and even bikes!

The event was covered by the local paper last week:

Protest ride to demand more investment in Aberdeen cycling infrastructure

I believe it will be in the press again tomorrow, at least, according to the journalist who rang me after the event.



Here are some of the pics of the event on Twitter: