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  • Rocket the hamster pics and video

    Rocket the hamster pics and video

    We’re loving having Rocket. He’s such a cool little dude. He seems quite happy in his new home. At least he never tries to escape even when the door is open. He likes taking food from our hands but doesn’t like being held. He loves, loves, loves his wheel and is very fond of food […]

  • Meet Rocket

    Meet Rocket

    We adopted another hamster from the SPCA. When Bella and Daisy died I looked on the SPCA website and saw Rocket there. He had been there since August and we decided he needed a home. We don’t know how old Rocket is or his history other than the SPCA taking him from his previous owner […]

  • Another hamster death and the fox returns

    Another hamster death and the fox returns

    Daisy our hamster is dead. After Bella died earlier this month I decided I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with Daisy and a few weeks ago I took her to the vet. It can be hard to tell when a hamster is unwell as they’re out at night when we’re asleep and both […]

  • Sniffing for hamster piss

    When we first got hamsters I wasn’t expecting to spend my evenings and weekends sniffing hamster bedding for hamster piss but this is what we do now. For a while Bella was peeing in a sand bath which was great as I didn’t need to go searching for her toilet but she’s stopped doing that […]

  • Hamster escapes!

    Hamster escapes!

    Bella (our hamster) escaped from her cage last night. Daniel was still partly awake when he heard a thud in the hall outside his bedroom. Eventually he dragged himself out of bed to check on his hamster and one of the tunnels had fallen off. She has three levels connected via tunnels, and one of […]

  • Cat wheel

    Cat wheel

    We got Victoria a cat wheel for exercise because she’s turning into a fat fatty. At first, she was a bit scared of the wheel and wouldn’t go near it. But slowly we’ve been training her to use it using food as an incentive since she loves her food. Yesterday for the first time and […]

  • Our animal friends

    Our animal friends

    Several months ago I bought a lemongrass plant which I thought would be nice in curry. However, Victoria has taken a liking to the plant and has absolutely shredded it. It’s the first thing she goes to in the morning when she wakes up, even before her food bowl. Last weekend we made some birdfeeders […]

  • Hamster TV

    Hamster TV

    Victoria likes watching the hamsters. Unfortunately, Victoria’s taken to tapping the outside of Daisy’s home when she can see Daisy sleeping in her burrow so we’ve had to put the burrow against a wall or put something in front of it. We don’t see the hamsters very often because they’re always down in one of […]

  • Hamster house

    Hamster house

    We finally upgraded Daisy’s house. It’s surprisingly difficult to find good houses for hamsters. Pet shops don’t provide cages with sufficient depth at the bottom for bedding material that allows burrowing. Daisy would frequently run circles around her cage and bite the bars – both signs of boredom and distress. The wheels you get from […]

  • Hamster pics

    Hamster pics

    Victoria thinks the hamsters are getting too much attention. “What about me?” I took this video of Bella taking a walnut into her house. Bella is a bit on the chubby side. I’m hoping that with a bigger cage she’ll get more exercise and slim down bit.

  • Bella’s home

    Bella’s home

    Bella has a new environment. It’s quite a unique-looking hamster habitat by Omlet. Omlet has put a lot of thought into the design and the bottom level is a deep drawer that you can fill with bedding. Hamsters like to dig burrows and most cages you buy at pet stores have a tiny tray at […]

  • New furry friends

    New furry friends

    A friend gave us their old hamster cage on the weekend so we decided to adopt a hamster. We found one looking for a new home and when we went to meet her we ended up leaving with two hamsters so we are now the proud adoptive parents – or Daniel and Elizabeth are – […]

  • Cat walk

    Cat walk

    Victoria jumps into her new carry backpack quite often and yesterday when she did that we decided to take her out for a walk just to give it a try. We did one lap of Duthie Park and she seemed to enjoy it. At least, she didn’t display any objections like meowing or trying to […]

  • Bed for today

    Bed for today
  • Her Majesty’s butler

    Her Majesty’s butler

    Last week Victoria began showing interest in wanting to go outside. Being the softy that I am I conceded and now she wants to go outside everyday. This would be fine except that I have become the butler to Her Majesty as she constantly wants to come in and out all day long. She begs […]

  • The cold-blooded killer

    The cold-blooded killer

    We took the cold-blooded killer with us on our holiday to Aviemore last weekend. It’s the first time she’s been away with us so we were a little concerned about how it might go but it turned out brilliantly. She seemed to enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies in a new house. We even […]

  • Cat photos

    Cat photos

    Victoria fell in the toilet the other day. We heard a splash and she emerged from the bathroom licking wet paws. She’s very interested in the toilet for some reason. She’s very comfortable around all of us now and rolls over to let us pat her tummy. Here she is with Elizabeth. Helping Ben with […]

  • Her favourite human

    Her favourite human

    It’s so nice to have a companion animal around the house again. Little Victoria has settled into her new environment so well. She’s formed a particular attachment to Daniel for some reason and often sits on his lap when he’s in class. The online school doesn’t break up until the end of this week so […]

  • Meet Victoria

    Meet Victoria

    We got a kitten. Her name is Victoria and she’s 11 weeks old. She came from a village in Aberdeenshire after her mother had an affair with the neighbourhood tom. We had planned to get an adult cat from a shelter but this is quite difficult it turns out. We put in five applications including […]

  • Don’t get a puppy for Christmas

    Don’t get a puppy for Christmas

    One of the other parents at school today told me they’re getting a puppy for Christmas. They finally caved in after the relentless nagging for a dog from their children and a puppy has been ordered. Being the straight-talker that I am I tried to convince her to change her mind but I think it’s […]