“This is for Granddad!”

There was much excitement in the house this morning because the ants in Elizabeth’s ant colony took the moth she had given them over a week ago. She put a dead moth by the entrance to their test tube and it had been sitting there for over a week. This morning it disappeared and we can see it in their nest. It’s a huge thing compared to their size so we’re impressed they were able to carry it in.

I have always been a fast walker. I get it from my father who has two very long legs and I often struggled to keep up with him when I was little. When he last visited he complained about struggling to keep up with me so I relayed this story of him charging on ahead when I was a kid and said this was payback. He then whispered to Elizabeth and Daniel that they had to get payback for Granddad one day when I’m old and slow.

It turns out that day is here already. Both kids are very fast walkers, trained by me no doubt, but sometimes I now struggle to keep up with them when walking or cycling. Elizabeth and I cycle to highland dance on Saturdays and I find myself shouting to her, “Slow down!”. Her response now is, “This is for Granddad”.

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