Cat wheel

We got Victoria a cat wheel for exercise because she’s turning into a fat fatty. At first, she was a bit scared of the wheel and wouldn’t go near it. But slowly we’ve been training her to use it using food as an incentive since she loves her food. Yesterday for the first time and about a month after getting the wheel she actually ran on it! We managed to get a short clip of her using it. She’s not at the point where she jumps on it by choice to play but we’re hoping that will happen eventually.

4 thoughts on “Cat wheel”

  1. My cat’s a fat fatty, too. However, I just feed him what he wants, otherwise he’s under my feet all day. Seeing as I work from home, that’s a lot of tripping over him in a day I can do. I’ve never known a cat to be such a specialist at getting under my feet -lol! He’s fourteen now, and still as expert at that as he ever was 😄

  2. I’m sure the training will have some effect, but is it harder to train a cat than a dog? It’s a great idea though, I was a bit lax with my cat eating too much from time to time. It was never something I had to worry about until she got older and less active and it took me by surprise when the vet pointed it out.

    1. I think it is harder to train a cat. I’m no expert and when we had dogs they were the naughtiest dogs on the planet but still we managed to teach them a few simple commands. Victoria doesn’t understand anything we say as far as I can tell. She does like to play though so ultimately I’m hoping this could be something fun for her that’s also good exercise.

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