Photo of Victoria eating lemongrass

Our animal friends

Several months ago I bought a lemongrass plant which I thought would be nice in curry. However, Victoria has taken a liking to the plant and has absolutely shredded it. It’s the first thing she goes to in the morning when she wakes up, even before her food bowl.

Last weekend we made some birdfeeders using tea cups. You can make the mix using bird seed and coconut oil. I got the recipe out of the Happy Vegan Christmas cookbook but there are plenty of other similar recipes online. Before the mixture sets, put a stick in the cup for the bird to use as a perch. Once it has set, hang the cup on a branch in the garden. Here’s one of ours:

We also made Daisy (Elizabeth’s hamster) a new cage. We did just recently upgrade her cage but Elizabeth was keen on something bigger and she discovered that you can make your own cage using a large plastic bin which is very inexpensive. The difficulty was finding a one that was big enough. We ended up searching for “Christmas tree bin” and found one at ASDA for Ā£18 which is almost 1m in length. Ben keeps joking about our “free hamster cage” since we only got the hamsters initially because a friend gave us a free cage. Now we’re onto our third cage. But the hamster seems happier and has more space to explore. Here’s the new environment.

At the end opposite the wheel is a multi-chamber house that she loves and sleeps in now.

There’s a sand bath on top of the house for taking baths. Syrian hamsters like this apparently although Bella uses her sand bath as a potty which is very convenient for us as it makes cleaning the cage easy.

2 thoughts on “Our animal friends”

  1. The new hamster environment looks nice. I imagine nature is much more like that for them ā€“ much more of interest for them to explore in terms of different textures and plants.

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