Hamster TV

Victoria likes watching the hamsters.

Unfortunately, Victoria’s taken to tapping the outside of Daisy’s home when she can see Daisy sleeping in her burrow so we’ve had to put the burrow against a wall or put something in front of it.

We don’t see the hamsters very often because they’re always down in one of their burrows during the day. Hamsters are nocturnal and active at night. However, we can entice them from their slumber with a bit of kale which they love. Even Daisy wakes up for kale. Here she is in Elizabeth’s hands.

On Monday Daniel and I had to go to Glasgow for the day for an appointment. On the way home, a dog joined our carriage on the train. He’s a greyhound. I didn’t realise greyhounds were so big. This dog was very well behaved and just sat silently on the floor until his stop.

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