Hamster eating corn

Hamster escapes!

Bella (our hamster) escaped from her cage last night. Daniel was still partly awake when he heard a thud in the hall outside his bedroom. Eventually he dragged himself out of bed to check on his hamster and one of the tunnels had fallen off. She has three levels connected via tunnels, and one of the tunnels goes outside the cages.

He came into our bedroom and turned the light on to tell us the tunnel had come off. I was fast asleep. At that moment we saw Bella pottering on the floor near the hamster food bin with Victoria sitting observing right next to her. Victoria didn’t look like she was in pounce or hunting mode. She was just curious thank goodness.

I think Bella enjoyed her escapade as she immediately went back to the same place to try to get out again. Perhaps we should let her run around outside more often? She’s fine this morning and doesn’t seem at all traumatised by the close encounter with a cat.

Bella has quite a few plastic tunnels but she also makes her own tunnels and caves in the deep bedding we’ve given her.

We recently switched to Kaytee Clean & Cozy bedding for the hamsters and it’s really good. It’s far less dusty than some of the other ones – not dusty at all in fact – and it holds its shape well making it good for burrowing. Hamsters are not meant to be put in pine wood shavings which tends to be the main bedding material sold in pet stores here. On one of Bella’s levels, where her exercise wheel is, we’ve put dirt from the garden and she does quite like that but still chooses to sleep and store food in the Kaytee cave.

Yesterday I saw a woodpecker in our background, pecking away at some old timber on the washing line post. There’s a very old timber cap that’s falling to bit which the woodpecker decided to demolish further.

I could see it from the window, pecking away and sending bits of wood flying off in all directions. I took this photo but it’s difficult to see because I was far away and had to zoom in.

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