Rocket the hamster pics and video

We’re loving having Rocket. He’s such a cool little dude. He seems quite happy in his new home. At least he never tries to escape even when the door is open. He likes taking food from our hands but doesn’t like being held. He loves, loves, loves his wheel and is very fond of food but who isn’t?

Victoria is happy to have hamster TV back again.

Victoria the cat watching Rocket the hamster

Can you spot her in this next photo?

Victoria the cat watching Rocket the hamster

He likes eating sprays especially flax sprays but he also likes barley which is what I tried to photograph him eating in this next photo but he was moving too fast.

A blurry hamster behind barley sprays

And I’ve got a little video.

2 thoughts on “Rocket the hamster pics and video”

  1. I am waiting for a rescue hamster to come up at our local charity but it is all rabbits and guinea pigs. Do you find that there is a difference between Syrian and dwarf hamsters with how much they want to escape? People who have Syrians seem to talk a lot about how much they want to get out but I wonder if they are keeping them in environments where they are bored.
    Rocket looks like he has a great home.

    1. I have wondered that too about syrians versus dwarf hamsters. We haven’t had enough experience of them both to know for sure and I expect there are some individual differences but Rocket does seem happier and more content than Bella and Daisy. I hope a hamster comes up for you soon. We had to drive to Dundee to get Rocket so it’s worth checking other rescue centres.

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