Scottish things, foraging, and a haircut

Elizabeth in her highland dance outfit

Where did the weekend go? It's nearly November and autumn is in full bloom. I wish I'd taken some photos today as Aberdeen is looking very pretty in its autumn clothes. My tomatoes are just about dead but there are still a few fruits ripening. Two weekends ago I picked this from the greenhouse. And… Continue reading Scottish things, foraging, and a haircut

A computer game and a highland dance update

Daniel wrote a game in Javascript. It's a re-creation of the snake game. You're the snake and you move around the screen consuming fruit. Each time you eat a piece of fruit you get longer. If you touch the edge or yourself you die. Movement is via the keys W, A, S, D on your… Continue reading A computer game and a highland dance update

The Umbrella Project

Elizabeth got to dance in town today and yesterday for the launch of the Umbrella Project in Aberdeen which is a nationwide campaign to celebrate neurodiversity or different ways of thinking. One in five of us have a condition like ADHD, Autism, Tourette's Syndrome, Dyspraxia, and Dyscalculia and the umbrella project seeks to raise awareness… Continue reading The Umbrella Project

Highland dance finale, sushi, school reports, and a cat pic

The finale for Elizabeth's school of Highland Dance end of year show was last night. We went to the opening night and it was fantastic. Yesterday I was wishing I'd bought a second ticket so I could go and watch it again but they'd completely sold out. Never mind, we'll get the DVD when it… Continue reading Highland dance finale, sushi, school reports, and a cat pic

Dancing for the Platinum Jubilee

Elizabeth got to perform at Craigiebuckler Church yesterday for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. I took lots of photos and some videos. They really put on a good show at this church as in addition to the dancing there were pipers and singing and crown making and that was just in the 1 hour period we… Continue reading Dancing for the Platinum Jubilee

The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

Elizabeth did her highland dance exam today and she thinks it went well but she won't get her results for at least a few weeks. She got highly commended in the national exam she did last year. Thankfully the socks arrived in time along with the kilt which we sent off to have the hem… Continue reading The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

A sockcessful national dance exam

Elizabeth had her pre-bronze National Highland dance exam today. She performed The Lilt and she thinks it went well. I took this recording before the exam. She won't get her results until next year. When she was getting ready this morning she informed me that the teachers told her last Monday her socks were… Continue reading A sockcessful national dance exam

Caber-tossing for kids

We went to the Braemar Junior Highland Games today. We've been to the hugely popular "celebrity" event in September a couple of times but this is the first time we've been to the kids' version and in many ways this version is better. It's far less busy and children can participate in everything. It's very… Continue reading Caber-tossing for kids

Scottish poetry and highland dancing

I managed to clock up over 12,000 steps on my Fitbit yesterday while sitting on my butt. It's not like the last time I boasted about doing exercise without doing any exercise - last time I really did exercise, thanks to active travel. However yesterday we used the car-club car to get around and so I… Continue reading Scottish poetry and highland dancing

Highland dance and TV rants

It has been a crazy busy week and the craziness is still going. Elizabeth has been performing in her Highland Dance show and we've had rehearsals and performances all week with the finale tonight. I helped backstage on two nights and it was really well organised. I'm so impressed with the dance school. The students… Continue reading Highland dance and TV rants

The Highland dancer and inside Hoss

Elizabeth had a Highland Dance performance on Sunday afternoon. She was wonderful! I enjoyed watching this show immensely. Highland Dancing is so different to the dancing I'm used to and I love that they get to dance with swords. Luckily the swords are not sharp otherwise a few of the children would be missing toes… Continue reading The Highland dancer and inside Hoss