A computer game and a highland dance update

Daniel wrote a game in Javascript. It’s a re-creation of the snake game. You’re the snake and you move around the screen consuming fruit. Each time you eat a piece of fruit you get longer. If you touch the edge or yourself you die. Movement is via the keys W, A, S, D on your keyboard where W is up, S is down, and A and D go left and right respectively.

Go to Snake Re-creation to give it a try.

I discovered yesterday that the Aboyne Highland Games is one of only a few that are unregistered with the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dance (RSOBHD). This means there are no categories below premier level. Normally for RSOBHD approved competitions there’d be primary, beginners, novice and intermediate all below premier. Elizabeth is a beginner as this was just her second competition EVER. The dancers she competed alongside were all premier. I think this officially makes me a moron for not realising but why did they let us register in the first place? It should be clearer for us foreigners. Or maybe they should put it on the Life in the UK test? Lesson learnt.

3 thoughts on “A computer game and a highland dance update”

  1. It’s a bit fast for me!!
    Good job though, well done Daniel.
    Hopefully you will be able to find some better levelled competitions soon.

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