Elizabeth performing The Fling with other highland dancers at Marks & Spencer

Photos from our weekend

Friends of ours who we haven’t seen since 2014 visited us from New Zealand this weekend. It’s wonderful to catch up with old friends again. Daniel in particular really bonded with the son who is a similar age to him.

Image of three people outside the Maritime Museum in Aberdeen

Here’s a photo in our backyard, complete with finger in front of the lens.

Image of people in backyard

On Saturday Elizabeth danced at Marks & Spencer for a charity event.

Image of children highland dancing

We saw Percy Pig.

Image of children with Percy Pig

And on the way home I discovered we’re living with a wanted criminal.

Image of Elizabeth in wanted frame.

Then this morning I took this lovely photo of the River Dee on my run.

Image of River Dee in Aberdeen

And here’s Victoria using my avocado tree pot as a toilet!

Image of Victoria peeing in plant pot.

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