Dancing for the Platinum Jubilee

Elizabeth got to perform at Craigiebuckler Church yesterday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I took lots of photos and some videos. They really put on a good show at this church as in addition to the dancing there were pipers and singing and crown making and that was just in the 1 hour period we were there.

Elizabeth is middle row on the left. I forgot to take her shawl which is meant to drape over the shoulder. She was not happy with me about that but it didn’t matter in the end. Everyone loves watching highland dance and the audience were delighted.

She’s front left in this next one.

Proud mum here.

I took a couple of videos also. Here’s the Flora MacDonald which is in honour of Flora MacDonald who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to France after the he was defeated at the Battle of Culloden..

This is the Sword dance which is said to have been inspired by King Malcolm III of Scotland who danced over the body of a chieftain he’d killed in battle.

6 thoughts on “Dancing for the Platinum Jubilee”

  1. Very nice pic of the two you. The covers over Elizabeth’s shoes reminds me of when I was a marching girl, and we used to put plastic bags over our white boots before the competition 🙂

    1. Elizabeth sometimes gets compliments on them when we’re walking to highland dance and people don’t realise they’re just covers to protect the shoes.

  2. There are quite a few without shawls! It was a bit hot to contemplate needing one.
    I used to have a Coast dress similar to yours, I wonder if I still have it somewhere? It looks very nice on you!

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