Highland dance competition

Elizabeth competed in her first highland dance competition at the Newtonhill Highland Festival. She did very well and came 3rd in the Highland Fling and 4th in the Lilt.

Well done, Elizabeth! No photography was allowed at the competition so I couldn’t photograph or film her there. She says she enjoyed it and may participate in some of the summer games over the holidays.

She has a very full plate right now; I don’t know how she manages it all. In addition to the competition she’s got dress rehearsals for the big end of year highland dance show which is just a couple of weeks away, plus the performance for the platinum jubilee next week, plus a violin performance for the North East music festival in June, plus all the end of year school assignments and exams. She takes it all in her stride and has not complained about having too much going on. I have asked her if it’s too much and whether she wants to pull out of anything but so far she’s happy with everything.

4 thoughts on “Highland dance competition”

  1. It sounds like Elizabeth has found interests she really enjoys and hopefully they are relaxing and a change from school work, rather than extra pressure. It is a difficult one to navigate though, whether the extra curricular activities are too much or not.

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