The Umbrella Project

Elizabeth got to dance in town today and yesterday for the launch of the Umbrella Project in Aberdeen which is a nationwide campaign to celebrate neurodiversity or different ways of thinking. One in five of us have a condition like ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia, and Dyscalculia and the umbrella project seeks to raise awareness of the strengths these different minds bring to our communities.

The event was held in Shiprow in Aberdeen beneath lots of colourful umbrellas.

I filmed a video of one of the dances. The pipers are from Robert Gordon College.

We also saw a Stormtrooper in a kilt.

Here’s Daniel with another Stormtrooper in York in 2013.

And I was forced at gunpoint to have my photo taken too.

I’ve got a sore throat today so I took a covid test and it’s negative. I don’t know how we’ve managed to go so long without getting covid yet.

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