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  • Bakfiets vs Butchers and Bicycles cargo bikes

    Bakfiets vs Butchers and Bicycles cargo bikes

    I rode the kids to school in Busby today for the first time since March this year. Since then I’ve been cycling Harald each day. Here’s a photo of Busby followed by a photo of Harald so everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say Busby and Harald. Busby: Harald:   Busby got sick in […]

  • Harald has been Wapuued

    I finally did it! I plastered Wapuu stickers all over Harald. These are the Wapuus of Europe. I also took another selfie of my sunflower which is now taller than I am. Five days ago it was about up to my eyes (pic here). Now it’s over my head. I’ve discovered there’s a downside to having a […]

  • I’m sorry, Harald!

    I had a bit of a rant this morning about Harald. I’m very sorry, Harald. I’ve just come back from a fantastic cycle out to Newton Dee. It’s only about 8 miles there and back and goes up an elevation of almost 50m on the way out which means it’s mostly downhill on the way back. […]

  • Bicycles and number twos

    I’m not happy with my new bicycle. This is hard for me to admit because we spent so much money on it and humans have a tendency to justify expensive decisions like this. The problem I have with Harald is two-fold: I can’t walk beside and push him when the kids are inside. Why do I […]

  • I’m so cool … not

    We were cycling through the centre of Aberdeen earlier and I was feeling great: the weather is perfect, people were staring and smiling at us thanks to Harald (my bike) and I was thinking how cool I must look. Everything was perfect. Then I stopped at some lights to cross the road. When they turned […]

  • Trikes and bikes and in between

    I have had Harald for almost a week and we’ve been riding every day since then. I look forward to the school run now just so I can take Harald out for a ride. The tilting mechanism makes it fun and the hills are a breeze now that I can stand up and pedal. Butchers and Bicycles […]

  • Harald

    My new bike has a name: Harald after Harald Hardrada. We’ve had a fantastic day. I spent several hours in the garden this morning. Our garden is amazing and I love it. The kids were also out there building hotels for snails and grubs and worms and anything they could find. It’s feeling very much […]