Bicycles and number twos

I’m not happy with my new bicycle. This is hard for me to admit because we spent so much money on it and humans have a tendency to justify expensive decisions like this.

The problem I have with Harald is two-fold: I can’t walk beside and push him when the kids are inside. Why do I need to do that, you might ask? After all, bikes are for riding not pushing. Sometimes I go places I’m not supposed to cycle like in the school grounds and I need to push it. When the kids are inside the bike has a tendency to tip. It’s fine when there’s no cargo but it’s a cargo bike; it’s supposed to have cargo.

The second problem is the foot brake is really hard to deploy when the kids are inside and practically impossible when we’re on a hill. I always have to find somewhere flat to stop which is a pain when you live in a city with hills. And even on the flat it’s quite tricky. I never had this problem with Busby on a hill or on the flat, even with adults on-board.

I emailed the company about this as a friendly suggestion for the next version. Their response was that no-one else has this issue. If I follow this to its logical conclusion then either there’s something wrong with our bike or we’re just incompetent. Note to self: never respond to my own users this way.

Busby is still at the bike shop waiting for a new part. The bike shop rang us last month to say they couldn’t get the part and had given up trying to fix him. We got in touch with our old bike shop in York and they’re now getting the part for us instead and will post it to the shop here. But the part won’t arrive until the end of the month. I don’t understand why it takes so long. Apparently it’s coming from Japan. Maybe someone is swimming it over to the UK?

We went out for dinner the other night because Ben has a visitor from Italy and we thought it would be nice to take him out somewhere. We walked to and from town instead of cycling because I needed a break from the stress of stopping and controlling Harald. Daniel ate up a huge amount and as we were walking home he decided he needed to do a number 2. That would have been fine except that he had to tell the whole neighbourhood about it. So we walked home with Daniel shouting in his loudest possible voice, “I NEED A POO, I NEED A POO”. To which Ben’s response was, “Ok, we’ll stop at the next shop and get you one.”

6 responses to “Bicycles and number twos”

  1. Oh dear – on all counts!
    It does seem that your new bike has a design flaw. It should not tip so easily, (maybe explains your tumble when cornering recently) and you ought to be able to park it on a slope, after all, it is a vehicle!

    • It is a design flaw. The wheels need to be further forward, I think. I’m not an engineer so I’m not sure. Copenhagen is a flat city so they may not have tested it on hills with full cargo.

  2. Wow! New design. Love it. Where is the Like button?

    I like your honesty! Hope you will come to terms with Harald and Busby will get well soon.

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