Harald has been Wapuued

I finally did it! I plastered Wapuu stickers all over Harald. These are the Wapuus of Europe.


I also took another selfie of my sunflower which is now taller than I am. Five days ago it was about up to my eyes (pic here). Now it’s over my head. I’ve discovered there’s a downside to having a new camera with a really good resolution: it shows all the wrinkles, damnit!


A poppy from the garden.



5 responses to “Harald has been Wapuued”

  1. Don’t put yourself down – you look great in your photos.
    This weekend I went to see my parents and was complaining about my thinning hair and my mum, who I think you know has no social skills, said “Oh yes, I noticed that.” Isabel thought that was hilarious.

    1. That’s something my mum would say too 🙂

  2. Hope the Wapuu stickers are waterproof.

    Which camera have you got? Or have you replaced the iPhone?

    I can’t see the wrinkles but my eye sight is not great and the poppy looks very nice.

    1. I did replace the iPhone finally! I’ve got an iPhone SE now 🙂

      1. SE is a great choice. I bought one for my wife recently for her birthday. I went to buy one for myself but they were out of stock at that time. I am waiting for the new iPhone as it is only ~ 3 months away. Meanwhile, I am putting up with my old iPhone 4.

        I am hoping for some improvements to SE or I might even buy iPhone 7.

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