Coding in MC DiamondFire

Daniel has been discussing maths and physics with Ben but not for schoolwork, for Minecraft! He's got really into coding in Minecraft and has developed a game within the game which involves, among other things, throwing special blocks called slime blocks and watching them bounce. For this he needed vectors. This is a great example… Continue reading Coding in MC DiamondFire

Daniel just metres from the Duchess

The Duchess of Cambridge was in Aberdeen today helping at a café that employs people who were previously homeless and also donates the profits to good causes. Daniel walked past the café while she was there and saw a lot of cameras and commotion out the front. He didn't know what was going on so… Continue reading Daniel just metres from the Duchess

We have a teenager in the house

Daniel turned 13 this week. They say it gets hard again when kids become teenagers. We've been enjoying the golden years with both kids between the ages of 6 and 13. They're reasonably independent in this age bracket and all the sleepless nights and nappy changing is behind you. You're also still a big influence… Continue reading We have a teenager in the house

My kids are amazing and I was on TV!

It was parent-teacher interviews at school last night and I'm so proud of the kids. They're just amazing in every way. Elizabeth, according to her teacher, finishes her maths work in class then goes around from table to table helping other pupils with theirs. Her writing is also exemplary and she is spelling to the… Continue reading My kids are amazing and I was on TV!

Sometimes our kids surprise us

Daniel is an unusual child. When he was little he was terrified of small children even, on occasion, to the point of screaming whenever they were around. This made life rather lonely for me at times since most of my friends also had small children. I used to draw story boards of the activities we had planned for… Continue reading Sometimes our kids surprise us


Daniel loves maths. Perhaps he'll be a mathematician like his Daddy. Last night, we caught him doing sums. He has his own unique notation (although Ben tells me it's not that unique and looks similar to Reverse Polish Notation), but the calculations are correct.3+3=64+4=85+5=10100+100=2009+9=18 and 8+8=16self-portrait