The amazing Daniel

The amazing Daniel

I’m so proud of this boy who was voted House Captain by his peers! Well done, Daniel.


You can’t see the yellow badge very well so I took a closeup although it’s a bit blurry.


The vote happened on Wednesday and there were two others going for House Captain in his house. Daniel gave a speech to the school assembly several weeks ago and posted Vote for Daniel signs around the school. As part of his campaign he promised bird feeders, a litter-less playground, and plants for the school garden (guess who’ll be helping with that one!).

He’s come such a long way from the small boy who was bullied, friendless, and who disliked going to school just a few years ago. Now he’s confident, has a wonderful group of supportive friends, and can take on any challenge he wants.

5 responses to “The amazing Daniel”

  1. Tino pāi, tamariki! That’s awesome, he appears to have his dad’s physiognomy and his mum’s philosophy!

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