A boy in a suit

Daniel is on a school trip. This is one of the nice things about being back at a regular school: he gets to go on trips with his classmates.

On one of the evenings they were planning to go to the ballet and we were told a jacket and tie would be required. Daniel was not in possession of these things so we invested in a suit. He then spent last weekend learning to put it on and most importantly, tie a tie, the instructions for which he got from YouTube. Here he is all dressed up and looking quite dashing.

The very next day the ballet got cancelled thanks to Putin because it’s the Russian ballet. It seems the war in Europe has now affected us directly, albeit in a relatively insignificant way. Daniel was delighted as I don’t think he was that keen on going to the ballet or wearing a suit and they’ll be going skating instead.

Elizabeth has also had clothing dramas. Her highland dance exam is next weekend and last Sunday was the dress rehearsal. We discovered she’s outgrown everything. The socks wouldn’t go on properly which I think is partly my fault as they may have shrunk slightly in the wash. The kilt is too short and she can’t breathe when the vest is done up. The dances last several minutes which is too long to hold one’s breath.

Normally it takes 10 days to get highland dance socks and that’s on priority. Thankfully, the lovely people at Bonnie Tartan are able to have a pair made by the end of the week. We’ve also sent them her kilt to lower the hem and I’ve found a second-hand jacket online which arrived today. It’s a tiny bit too big so we took it to the dressmaker to have altered and I think all will be sorted by the weekend.

5 thoughts on “A boy in a suit”

  1. It’s funny to think that kids can’t tie a tie now, unless they look on Youtube – lol! We were tying our school uniform ties by the time we were seven years old. Showing my age – haha!

    1. Thanks! I hope he gets to wear it somewhere before he grows out of it. He seems to grow by a couple of centimetres every month at the moment.

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