We just finished watching The Mandalorian with the kids and loved it. Who’d have thought a baby version of Yoda could be so cute. It reminded me of the time Daniel had his photo taken with a Stormtrooper in York back in 2013. I went looking for the photos on my blog but couldn’t find them. This is the great thing about having a blog: you can relive past experiences so easily. I can search by date including month or year or just search for keywords. Of course it’s only useful if you post the experience at the time so to make up for my tardiness back in 2013 here are the images now. It took me much longer to find them in my archived photos than it would have had I posted them to my blog at the time.

Daniel was so cute! He would have been 6 then. He’s wearing a cardigan I crocheted for him.

4 thoughts on “Stormtrooper”

  1. Have you watched both seasons? The end of season two was amazing. Also – look up how they made it on YouTube – there are several videos – it’s a huge leap forward for movie and TV production.

  2. Nice pictures – it’s great when they are small and quicker to crochet or knit clothes for them.
    Is the Mandalorian on Disney? We haven’t got that. But maybe worth thinking of a subscription for a few months…

    1. Yes, it’s on Disney. We had to sign up to get it but since signing up we’ve watched quite a few things. Our plan was just to sign up for a month then cancel but we may keep it a bit longer. We watched Soul which was good and now we’re going through all the Star Wars movies 🙂

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