Growth spurts and the Queen’s Jubilee

Daniel is growing at a rate of about 2cm per month and is now 1.5cm shorter than Ben. At this rate he’ll overtake Ben by the end of June. He’s quite obsessed by it too and checks regularly to see whether he’s taller than Ben yet. I’m the tallest in the house so he’s still got a bit further to go to reach me.

It’s the Queen’s platinum jubilee next week which marks 70 years as the British monarch and the longest serving British monarch ever. There are lots of events planned around the country. Our Elizabeth will also be performing highland dance at a local church event. We also get two days of public holiday next week. God save the Queen!

This is the music that was played at her coronation in 1952: Zadok the Priest by Handel. Apparently it’s a royal tradition to play this at the coronation. It’s a lovely piece of music. Thank you, Handel!

2 thoughts on “Growth spurts and the Queen’s Jubilee”

  1. This public holiday is great! I booked my half term break without realising the days off were Thursday and Friday, which gives me a whole two extra days of leave. I hope you are enjoying your holiday and by all accounts Daniel will already be 0.5cm taller than when you wrote this. That is an incredible rate.

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