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  • Some crochet garments

    Some crochet garments

    I accidentally sprayed my armpit with peppermint oil this morning. Don’t do it: it stings! I thought it was deodorant as the bottles are the same. We bought some peppermint oil recently and put it in a glass spray bottle to spray as air freshener after the fire. It did a good job of hiding […]

  • Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

    Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

    I crocheted myself a pair of bathers. I’m not sure whether I’ll wear them in public. The colour matches my skin a bit too closely and makes it look like I’m wearing nothing. It was fun to make though. Yesterday I picked some redcurrants and stewed them up to make jam. I used water, redcurrants, […]

  • A new crochet jumper

    A new crochet jumper

    I made myself a jumper. The diagonal lines are deliberate; it wasn’t me stuffing up 🙂 I got the pattern on Etsy and it’s quite an easy one to follow and a relatively quick project. The daffodils are starting to flower here. Apparently Aberdeen has 11 million daffodils and I can believe it. They’re everywhere. […]

  • Comfy socks on a deserted island

    Comfy socks on a deserted island

    I’ve gone sock crazy! I’ve just finished making a pair of socks (these are definitely not made in China!) and they’re so luxurious I had problems finding something to wear with them. Last weekend I discovered the magnificent yarn of J.C Rennie, one of Scotland’s last woollen mills. There’s something about a beautiful yarn that […]

  • Christmas holly

    Christmas holly

    Yesterday I discovered Christmas decorations growing over our back fence – holly. Holly is a native shrub in Britain and commonly used to decorate homes over Christmas. As a child I only remember seeing plastic holly but why buy the plastic stuff when you can have the real thing FOR FREE. That said, it’s probably […]

  • Meet Rambo

    Meet Rambo

    I just finished Rambo, the latest addition to our household. He’ll be proudly joining Wishart on one of our walls.

  • I made socks

    I made socks

    Ben bought me some sock yarn which he got in Germany on a work trip over a year ago. I only just got around to turning them into socks, but sadly, I ran out of yarn. I made them from the top down so I couldn’t make them shorter without unravelling the whole lot. In […]

  • The mighty huntress

    The mighty huntress

    I have just finished this rather wonderful crochet head of a stag. All he needs now is a name. I got the pattern from a fantastic book called Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie. All the patterns look terrific and I fully intend to make more of them. I have never understood why people kill animals […]

  • A crochet hat

    A crochet hat

    Our recent glamping holiday on a luxury bus was on an alpaca farm (pics here and here). I bought a couple of balls of the lovely yarn from the Bankrugg Boys and made myself a hat over the weekend. My hat: The yarn is a lovely natural colour and I’m so happy with how the it turned out. It’s much better […]

  • How to keep your feet warm in winter

    How to keep your feet warm in winter

    I get cold feet. I’ve tried lots of things like wearing thick socks and sometimes two layers of socks. I have lots of good winter boots but still I get cold feet. This afternoon I had cold feet and decided to crochet myself a pair of leg warmers. I haven’t owned leg warmers since the […]

  • Jorvik and the Vikings

    York was once a thriving Viking city called Jorvik. Archaeologists in the 70s and 80s discovered the houses, workshops and backyards of these Vikings as they were 1000 years ago. They are now on display at the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. I took the kids there to have a look and it was fascinating […]

  • Possible practical applications in pure mathematics?

    The place we’ve rented in York is unfurnished so we’ve had to find things to sit on, lie on and eat from. Most of this stuff has come from second-hand furniture shops. In one place, I found a cool old trunk which I immediately decided should be our coffee table/toy box. Here it is: I […]

  • Textured Jumper Crochet Pattern

    Textured Jumper Crochet Pattern

    I have just created my first ever crochet pattern. It’s just for one size, small, but can easily be adjusted to fit larger bodies. It’s quick and easy to crochet and soft and comfy to wear. I reckon it looks pretty good too. Here, below, is my pattern, free to all. Hook size: 8mm Yarn: […]