Christmas holly

Yesterday I discovered Christmas decorations growing over our back fence – holly. Holly is a native shrub in Britain and commonly used to decorate homes over Christmas. As a child I only remember seeing plastic holly but why buy the plastic stuff when you can have the real thing FOR FREE. That said, it’s probably not wise for every person in Britain to pick holly because I’ve read that the red berries are an important source of food for birds over the winter. Our holly bush is huge and healthy so I picked a few branches and made my first ever wreath. It smells lovely.


I used a coat hanger bent into a circle and wound the branches around it, fixing them in place with some yarn.

I also put some in a Glenlivet vase. Can it get more Scottish than this?



2 thoughts on “Christmas holly”

    1. Nice! I found a tiny one that had self-seeded in one of my pathways so instead of pulling it out I dug it up and now have it growing in a pot. When it gets bigger I’ll transplant it to the garden somewhere.

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