Lorry queues, supermarket queues, food production, and Christmas dinner

Victoria helped me wrap some presents today. Actually, she was a right nuisance and ended up tearing the paper. I went to the shops early this morning to beat the rush but still there was a long queue outside the food court at Marks & Spencer. I decided not to go in. I'm not a… Continue reading Lorry queues, supermarket queues, food production, and Christmas dinner


Since we moved to the UK we have participated in so many elections. We narrowly missed the independence referendum in Scotland in 2014 but since then we've had two general elections, several council elections and European elections, and a Brexit referendum. This week there's a council by-election in our electorate and next month there's another… Continue reading Electionmania

Brexit disaster kit

Before the Christchurch earthquake sequence began I had prepared an earthquake emergency bag. It was a backpack containing batteries, candles, a first aid kit, a radio, a torch, matches, and various other things. I was probably the only person in Christchurch to have one. Then the earthquakes came and now everyone in Christchurch has one.… Continue reading Brexit disaster kit

Scottish education, doggies, and Brexit

The Scottish state-funded education system is brilliant. Daniel will be starting secondary school in August and they have a transitioning program for pupils that starts in primary 6, two years before they leave primary school. This began with short visits to the secondary school and has culminated this week with pupils getting to spend two… Continue reading Scottish education, doggies, and Brexit

Theresa Mayhem

It may not be mayhem in the UK, not yet anyway, but I'm becoming increasingly alarmed by Theresa May. She started off with grand statements about equality and working for everyone but I've seen nothing encouraging since then and more cause for concern than anything else. One example was Amanda Rudd's recent statement about having British firms declare… Continue reading Theresa Mayhem

Depraved local authorities and Brexit

My chalk protest message on the street washed away with the rain yesterday. So I wrote it again last night and again this morning and I'll continue writing it over and over again until all my anger and grief is gone. Or until I run out of chalk. I didn't think they would really do… Continue reading Depraved local authorities and Brexit