Brexit disaster kit

Before the Christchurch earthquake sequence began I had prepared an earthquake emergency bag. It was a backpack containing batteries, candles, a first aid kit, a radio, a torch, matches, and various other things. I was probably the only person in Christchurch to have one. Then the earthquakes came and now everyone in Christchurch has one.

I’m now facing another disaster but this time an unnatural one: Brexit. Being the good girl scout (or is it girl guide?) I have prepared my Brexit kit:


You can survive for a long time on red lentils and oats 🙂

Be prepared!

7 thoughts on “Brexit disaster kit”

  1. I don’t know if we are in worse condition in the US, or you with Brexit. I probably should be more prepared, since I live in Earthquake country (in California)

  2. I’m a little shocked and worried that your country may suffer food shortages on account of Brexit. A first world, industrialized nation should not be worrying about empty shelves in supermarkets or shortages of staples like fruit and vegetables. Truly, people were not thinking when they voted for Brexit, and the ninnies who want a hard Brexit ought to be the first ones denied any imported food. (I relish the thought of Boris Johnson being told, “No cheese or wine for you!”) Fingers crossed you and your family never have to fall back on lentils and oats for your meals.

    1. I don’t think we’ll need to live off lentils and oats. I placed my order for these just a few days before parliament voted against a no-deal Brexit. Once that vote was won it pretty much ruled out a no-deal Brexit unless Boris does something unlawful which I don’t think he will. But before the vote it was a very real possibility and if there was a no-deal Brexit we could definitely expect food shortages.

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