Liar, Liar!

I’ll likely be voting for Labour or SNP on Thursday. I haven’t yet decided which party but I’m leaning towards Labour because I really like Jeremy Corbyn and I want him to be Prime Minister. He rides a bike, he’s vegetarian, and he wears his mother’s knitted jumpers. What more could you want from a leader?

Nevertheless, I suspect Theresa May will win. Apparently she’s very popular with over 65s who have traditionally had a good turnout on voting day. Young people are flocking to Jeremy Corbyn in droves but they often have a low turnout on election day. The result will largely depend on how many young people turn up to vote. Unlike my home country, Australia, there is no compulsory voting here.

Theresa May has not been very good in public appearances during this campaign. It doesn’t help that she hasn’t turned up for debates but when she does she comes across as cold and stilted. She also repeats memes – “there’s no money tree” – which could mean she’s nervous and doesn’t know what else to say or that she lacks critical thinking. Whatever the reason neither is a good quality for the person who will lead Britain through Brexit.

I didn’t watch BBC Question Time last night but I followed the #bbcqt Twitter hashtag and the clear winner was this member of the audience.

I agreed with all the horrified Tweets condemning the blood-thirsty desire of some of the audience to nuke the planet.

Interestingly all the nuclear bomb lovers were men and the only person who stood up to them, apart from Jeremy Corbyn, was a woman.

It’s worth noting that Twitter is not a very representative sample of the voting public. May’s supporters are predominantly over 65s who likely don’t use Twitter and so the chance of them Tweeting their support for Theresa May is nil. The over-65s who do use Twitter are probably likely to favour more progressive policies. The verdict on Twitter was overwhelmingly in favour of Jeremy Corbyn.

I’ll end with this Captain SKA rap song about Theresa May. It’s good!

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