Theresa Mayhem

It may not be mayhem in the UK, not yet anyway, but I’m becoming increasingly alarmed by Theresa May. She started off with grand statements about equality and working for everyone but I’ve seen nothing encouraging since then and more cause for concern than anything else. One example was Amanda Rudd’s recent statement about having British firms declare the number of foreign workers they employ. I think they may have since back-tracked on this one but as a foreign worker living in Britain let it be known that if I’m kicked out my job goes with me. I will simply move and work elsewhere and my job and my taxes will disappear from Britain. They won’t go to a local person.

Another example was Theresa May’s recent criticisms of the Bank of England. It’s possible the media have exaggerated this but I don’t think so given Mark Carney’s (Bank of England Governor) response. He is quoted as saying,

“We are not going to take instruction on our policies from the political side.”

From what I’ve seen of Mark Carney – he’s brilliant. The UK is very lucky to have him. And no, politicians should not be dictating policy to the Bank of England. The Bank of England is and should be independent.

Since the referendum vote the pound has plunged and inflation is starting to rise. A low pound is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s very good for local producers and probably just what the UK needs. Higher prices, particularly for imported goods, might also encourage local manufacturing. Given the choice though, I’d still rather the UK remain a part of the EU.

I see Nicola Sturgeon is hoping for another independence vote for Scotland and I think I will probably vote to leave the UK if that happens, especially if it means Scotland can continue to trade freely with the EU and we won’t have to put up with Theresa May any longer. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing that we’re governed by environmental laws set in the EU especially when those laws have helped to clean up the air and sea.