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  • The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

    The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

    Elizabeth did her highland dance exam today and she thinks it went well but she won’t get her results for at least a few weeks. She got highly commended in the national exam she did last year. Thankfully the socks arrived in time along with the kilt which we sent off to have the hem […]

  • Groat oats

    Groat oats

    The past two days I’ve had groat oats for breakfast. Many people probably don’t know what these are which is sad because they’re just unprocessed oats. Oats you buy in supermarkets have been processed, albeit only a little bit, to make them faster to cook. Groat oats are the original grain unaltered. For this reason, […]

  • Making your own milk

    Making your own milk

    One of the advantages of drinking plant-based milk is that you can make your own. You can’t do this with dairy unless you get your own cow. For a little while, I’ve been trying to make my own oat milk using a cotton bag to strain it. This is quite messy and time-consuming so I […]

  • Praise the oat drink

    Praise the oat drink

    I am loving the Marks and Spencer oat drink. I only just discovered it and it’s delicious! After having consumed soya drink for more than 15 years I’m now an oat drink convert. We’re not supposed to call it milk because the EU ruled that non-diary substitutes cannot be called milk. I’m quite happy about […]

  • Porridge with peanut butter

    Porridge with peanut butter

    Last Sunday we went to Bonobo¬†for brunch and I tried their Bonoboats which is porridge made with peanut butter. I was a little skeptical at first but it exceeded my expectations so I decided to try making it at home. Here’s what I got at Bonobo: Here’s what I made today at home: Ok, so […]