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  • The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

    The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

    Elizabeth did her highland dance exam today and she thinks it went well but she won’t get her results for at least a few weeks. She got highly commended in the national exam she did last year. Thankfully the socks arrived in time along with the kilt which we sent off to have the hem […]

  • Comfy socks on a deserted island

    Comfy socks on a deserted island

    I’ve gone sock crazy! I’ve just finished making a pair of socks (these are definitely not made in China!) and they’re so luxurious I had problems finding something to wear with them. Last weekend I discovered the magnificent yarn of J.C Rennie, one of Scotland’s last woollen mills. There’s something about a beautiful yarn that […]

  • Mishmash of crochet, forceful vegans, ISIS brides, and made in China

    Mishmash of crochet, forceful vegans, ISIS brides, and made in China

    I’ve been a little quiet recently which does not mean I haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve just been busy. All my spare time lately has been spent crocheting. I’ve become obsessed with socks and have made so many now and even designed my own pattern for crochet socks which I’ve put up for […]

  • Socks


    Some mid-winter sock-shine from Sockamore. These were a free gift from the Swedish-based sock company. They have a pattern to suit every mood. Vibrant socks for the jovial, animal socks for the beasties, and intense socks for the philosockical.  

  • I made socks

    I made socks

    Ben bought me some sock yarn which he got in Germany on a work trip over a year ago. I only just got around to turning them into socks, but sadly, I ran out of yarn. I made them from the top down so I couldn’t make them shorter without unravelling the whole lot. In […]

  • Pedal boats at Duthie Park

    The kids have been nagging me to take them on the pedal boats at Duthie Park for some time now. We finally did it this afternoon and it was really nice. The tiny bit of walking we did to get there and back was fraught with difficulty for Daniel who is engaged in an ongoing […]

  • Bare feet are for cavemen

    Bare feet are for cavemen

    I’ve noticed a change in the weather this week. The nights have become cooler and suddenly, I’m sleeping really well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I can wear jeans again and I love jeans. I could live permanently in jeans. The best thing though, is that I can wear my socks and slippers once more. […]