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  • A boy in a suit

    A boy in a suit

    Daniel is on a school trip. This is one of the nice things about being back at a regular school: he gets to go on trips with his classmates. On one of the evenings they were planning to go to the ballet and we were told a jacket and tie would be required. Daniel was […]

  • A Diane Von Furstenberg dress, blackberries, vegan shortbread, and autumn

    A Diane Von Furstenberg dress, blackberries, vegan shortbread, and autumn

    I went to the charity shop today and got this great dress: a red Diane Von Furstenberg dress. It’s soft, stretchy, and made from a wool mix fabric. What an amazing find! Diane Von Furstenberg dresses usually cost £400-£500 new. Bramble season is over, sadly. We’ve been eating bramble (blackberry) crumble several times a week […]

  • Vintage 1960s dress

    Vintage 1960s dress

    My latest addition to the vintage clothing collection is this gorgeous 1960s velvet dress with organza ruffling and a plunging neckline. It is really long and goes right to the floor on me. I’m quite tall too. The velvet is thick and heavy, very different to the fabric you’d get in modern clothes. The organza […]

  • The velvet dress and a tummy bug

    The velvet dress and a tummy bug

    When we visited Falkland in 2019 I found the loveliest vintage clothing store. In it was a 1930s silk velvet dress that I intantly fell in love with; however, it was quite expensive and when I tried it on I couldn’t quite zip it up. It seemed like an irrational decision to pay a lot […]

  • Half my life

    Half my life

    I’m 45 today. If I’m lucky enough to live to 90 then I have lived half my life. I hope I’m still riding my bike at 90. You’re only as old as you feel or, as Groucho Marx once said, “You’re only as old as the woman you feel”. I heard another quote recently that […]

  • Sparkly dress

    Sparkly dress

    I got this lovely dress from the charity shop today. The sequins are sewn onto a soft, stretchy fabric which makes it very comfortable and easy to wear. I almost feel as though I could go cycling in it. The label is Hobbs.

  • Strong, fit, and healthy

    Strong, fit, and healthy

    I love Saturdays. I feel so strong and energetic right now and the weekend is my time to get outside for some physical activity. Today I have been particularly active having spent my morning hefting huge bags of grit salt up the hill to the church. Several months ago the city council invited people to […]

  • The perfect bridesmaid dress

    My sister has wonderful taste. I’ve been having a spring-clean and I found my bridesmaid dress from her wedding about 19 years ago. It’s a simple halter-neck dress made from a purple tie-dye chiffon over a satin lining. She had them specially made. I don’t know why I haven’t worn it since. It’s beautiful and a classic […]

  • A poppy dress

    Several of my sunflowers have opened up now. One of the plants has sprouted lots of little buds that are threatening to reveal themselves also. I thought each plant produced just one flower? Do you remember the dream I had about a dress which, when I woke up, I had to have but the shop […]

  • Countesswells Woods and a strange dream

    I have just been to the best children’s party I’ve ever attended. Ok, so maybe that’s not saying much: children’s parties aren’t exactly known for their entertainment value to adults. But this was different and I can honestly say it was an enjoyable and even relaxing experience. The words “Children’s party” and “relaxing” don’t usually go […]

  • The dentist and playing dress-ups

    I took Elizabeth to the dentist this morning and everything is fine which is a big relief after the shock we had last year. We’ve found a terrific dentist here. He told me that what Elizabeth had done, with the stainless steel crowns on her back molars, is the best treatment she could possibly have […]

  • The dress, Oliver Sacks, and more writing from Elizabeth

    The results of the poll in my last post are, at this point in time, 42.3% for blue, 42.3% for white, and 15.3% for other. In my family, I see blue, both my kids see blue, and Ben sees white. It’s quite funny because the kids are now concerned about Ben’s eye-sight and have been asking […]