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  • A boy in a suit

    A boy in a suit

    Daniel is on a school trip. This is one of the nice things about being back at a regular school: he gets to go on trips with his classmates. On one of the evenings they were planning to go to the ballet and we were told a jacket and tie would be required. Daniel was […]

  • Vintage clothing

    Vintage clothing

    As my readers of my blog will know I’m a big fan of vintage clothes. I’ve been visiting charity shops for decades; long before it became fashionable. Old and second-hand things have a mystery that appeals to me. Who owned them before? What were they like? How did they use them? Second-hand things have a […]

  • Still not testing enough and vintage clothes

    Still not testing enough and vintage clothes

    They’ve back-tracked on the Christmas relaxation of restrictions and instead of allowing three households to mix from the 23rd to the 27th December they can meet on the 25th December only. Not only that but from the 26th December all of Scotland will be in Tier 4 lockdown which is back to what we had […]

  • A clothing library

    A clothing library

    I got some great stuff at the charity shop on the weekend. One treasure is this turtleneck top made by Geiger of Austria which I bought for £7. I’ve not heard of this brand before, probably because it’s out of my price range, but I love wearing turtlenecks in winter and this one is very thick […]

  • Clothes and sunny Britain

    I have way too many clothes. But it’s not because I’m materialistic and spend all my money on contributing to despicable sweatshops and environmental degradation. Most of my clothes are second-hand and they have either been given to me by people I know or I have bought them from charity shops. Sometimes I buy new things for […]