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  • Our animal friends

    Our animal friends

    Several months ago I bought a lemongrass plant which I thought would be nice in curry. However, Victoria has taken a liking to the plant and has absolutely shredded it. It’s the first thing she goes to in the morning when she wakes up, even before her food bowl. Last weekend we made some birdfeeders […]

  • Siliconing the bathroom

    Siliconing the bathroom

    I don’t like mould that grows on silicon in baths and showers and doesn’t come off. I’ve tried vinegar, bleach, elbow-grease, baking soda, and regular shower cleaner but it stubbornly remains. In the past we’ve paid a plumber to come and remove it and reapply fresh silicon. But over time the mould returns and we […]

  • When did everyone become so young?

    When did everyone become so young?

    People in TV shows have all become very young all of a sudden. Why are there so few old people? I know what you’re thinking – I’m not a spring chicken anymore and suddenly aware that I’m older than lots of people. TV shows have always been full of young people, I just didn’t notice […]

  • Wallpapering again

    Wallpapering again

    I thought I’d never do it again but this week I felt inspired to remove some wallpaper in our kitchen that was starting to peel off. It’s time-consuming to remove old wallpaper and then stressful applying the new stuff because the glue ends up everywhere and the paper invariably tears and then there’s the anxious […]

  • I’ve been upgraded!

    This week I was offered a larger plot at the allotments: a half size plot. Mine is a microplot and they’re meant to be only temporary. Microplots are 50m2 while a half plot is 150m2. I was very pleased to get the offer because my plot isn’t getting much sun now. I also think a half […]

  • When mama papered the bedroom

    Today I wall-papered the spare bedroom. It was my first attempt at wallpapering and although it was just one wall, it was a very tricky wall because it has a window and lots of corners. Being a Victorian house it’s also a very high wall at more than 3m. Here’s the before pic: Despite people […]