Skiing in Aberdeen

We had another glorious day in the snow today. My mum is visiting and here she is getting into the spirit of the day and throwing snowballs at the grandkids.


We got out our skis and went into the park to practice.




Even Granny had a go.


It was snowing quite heavily. You can see how much in this video.

There were people playing ice-hockey again today.


Daniel made a snowman called Peter.


When it stopped snowing the sun came out.


Then we went sledging.

And now I’m knackered 🙂

5 Replies to “Skiing in Aberdeen”

  1. When I saw the pictures yesterday it made me think skiing! skiing! skiing!! It’s so great you’re making the most of the opportunity. Glad you managed to get some in today.

    1. It was so great and brilliant to be able to head to the park near our house to practice. It’s much easier than loading up a car and driving somewhere.

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