More skiing and a 16th birthday

Daniel, Elizabeth, and Rachel at the Lecht

It's Daniel's 16th birthday tomorrow - I can't believe how big he is now. He is turning into a wonderful young man. Yesterday he asked if he could vacuum his room. Although he's the first 16-year-old I've had I can't imagine this is a common request. He's kind, polite, considerate, has a wonderful sense of… Continue reading More skiing and a 16th birthday

Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

It snowed a bit more overnight last night and Aberdeen put on a brilliantly crisp and sunny day for us. Rather than going for my usual run around the park I decided to try some cross-country skiing on Deeside Way. A few years ago we all got some cross-country skiing gear from the second-hand sale… Continue reading Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

It has been snowing all day today and there's more to come tonight. I feel like I'm living in an alpine ski resort. Elizabeth and I went sledging again during a break today. It's good having kids because that gives me an excuse to sledge. I don't think I could go as an adult alone,… Continue reading New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

Sunshine and blizzards

Aberdeen put on a beautiful day today with bursts of sunshine mixed in with intermittent snow blizzards. It was a perfect day. There's more snow on the ground than I think I've ever seen in Aberdeen in the almost 7 years we've lived here. It's lovely soft stuff that makes brilliant snowmen. We all had… Continue reading Sunshine and blizzards

Wild and windy February day at Torry battery

Everywhere in Scotland has been getting massive amounts of snow except for Aberdeen. One family in Moray couldn't even get out their front door there was so much snow. All Scottish ski fields have more snow than they'e had for years, probably decades, and yet they're all shut because of covid and we can't leave… Continue reading Wild and windy February day at Torry battery

The Nightingale Hospitals and snow at Drum Castle

We are in tier 4 covid restrictions here as is most of the UK as the sick in hospital reach record numbers. At the start of the pandemic the government was following its pandemic playbook which had been written in the years/decades leading up to 2020 but specifically for a flu pandemic. The plan included… Continue reading The Nightingale Hospitals and snow at Drum Castle