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  • Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

    Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

    We woke to our first frost this morning. It’s very late in the season to only be getting a frost now. It has been the mildest autumn since we moved here with most daytime temperatures in double digits still. For the first time I was a little sad when summer ended as I’ve so enjoyed […]

  • Ice-skating at Duthie Park

    Ice-skating at Duthie Park

    Yesterday was skiing on Deeside Way and today was ice-skating at Duthie Park. I feel like I’m living at an alpine sports village. It was -8C last night and the model boating pond at Duthie Park froze. Daniel, Scott, and I went down for a skate at lunch. A photographer from the Press & Journal […]

  • Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

    Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

    It snowed a bit more overnight last night and Aberdeen put on a brilliantly crisp and sunny day for us. Rather than going for my usual run around the park I decided to try some cross-country skiing on Deeside Way. A few years ago we all got some cross-country skiing gear from the second-hand sale […]

  • New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

    New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

    It has been snowing all day today and there’s more to come tonight. I feel like I’m living in an alpine ski resort. Elizabeth and I went sledging again during a break today. It’s good having kids because that gives me an excuse to sledge. I don’t think I could go as an adult alone, […]

  • A dream come true

    A dream come true

    Today was a good day. It has long been a dream of mine to ice skate outside in a natural environment and today I ticked that off my list.  Aberdeen has had several days of sub-zero temperatures, freezing the water in lakes and ponds. We found what is really just a puddle of water on […]

  • The Oxford vaccine, lockdown in Aberdeen, and online games

    The Oxford vaccine, lockdown in Aberdeen, and online games

    We woke to some good news today: the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for use in the UK. I had been hoping and expecting this news for a couple of weeks now and was wondering why they were taking so long given the trial results were released at the end of November. They took much […]

  • Winter wonderland, Braemar

    Winter wonderland, Braemar

    After last Sunday’s disappointing walk in Tullos Wood we went further afield today for a walk in Braemar. The recent snowfall in the highlands has created a winter wonderland and we were gifted a beautifully sunny day. The last part of the drive from Crathie to Braemar is always lovely but today the mist over […]

  • New hairdos

    New hairdos

    You never know these days when there’ll be another lockdown and all the hair salons will close. With this in mind I decided to take drastic measures and have several hair cuts all in one go today just in case the salons have to shut again for several months. I think I lost a couple […]

  • Chunky crochet hat

    Chunky crochet hat

    I got given some very chunky yarn for my birthday. I’ve always struggled to convert a chunky yarn into a hat but I keep trying because I love a chunky yarn and it’s so quick to work with. One of my previous attempts gave me a Marge Simpson hairdo. (https://rachel.blog/2017/02/13/when-crochet-goes-wrong/) This time I think it […]

  • Photos of Braemar

    Photos of Braemar

    We’re in Braemar today and gosh I love this place. I think I could retire here. You can just make out the River Dee in the valley in the next photo. This is the River Clunie gushing beside the Fife Arms Hotel. The entrance to the Fife Arms is beautiful. This is the duck pond […]

  • Skiing in Aberdeen

    Skiing in Aberdeen

    We had another glorious day in the snow today. My mum is visiting and here she is getting into the spirit of the day and throwing snowballs at the grandkids. We got out our skis and went into the park to practice. Even Granny had a go. It was snowing quite heavily. You can see […]

  • Winter wonderland

    Winter wonderland

    We woke up to a glorious winter wonderland this morning which was followed by a lovely sunny day. I cycled to Newton Dee like I always do. It wasn’t slippery but it was hard work cycling on the snow. There was lots of resistance; a bit like cycling on the grass. I was grateful for […]

  • Ice on the River Dee

    Ice on the River Dee

    There are big chunks of ice on the River Dee today. I took pics. It’s very pretty.  

  • Winter swimming

    Winter swimming

    We went to St Cyrus beach for a swim today. My sister-in-law is visiting and she has a penchant for icy showers and swims in freezing lakes in Switzerland. The photos make it look like a warm summer’s day but it’s actually winter here and the water temperature was 7°C. I’m preparing myself psychologically before […]

  • Strong, fit, and healthy

    Strong, fit, and healthy

    I love Saturdays. I feel so strong and energetic right now and the weekend is my time to get outside for some physical activity. Today I have been particularly active having spent my morning hefting huge bags of grit salt up the hill to the church. Several months ago the city council invited people to […]

  • It’s 4C and I’m hot

    It’s 4C and I’m hot

    I love our Saturday bike rides to Highland Dance for Elizabeth followed by lunch at Newton Dee. My bike told me it was 4C: But I got hot from the exercise. I feel so happy after a bike ride. We’re so lucky to live somewhere we can cycle all year round. I love feeling the […]

  • More sledging bloopers

    More sledging bloopers

    These were taken last weekend. All the snow has gone now and we probably won’t see it again until next winter. It was fun while it lasted. No one was injured in the making of these videos. Me speeding down the hill …. or not. Daniel speeding down the hill and falling off. Daniel speeding […]

  • The Beast from the East

    The Beast from the East

    We haven’t been as badly affected as other parts of the country by the extreme weather. We’re close to the sea which always helps to moderate the temperature but we also haven’t had the huge snow drifts they’ve had elsewhere. No one is panic buying food and it hasn’t been particularly cold. That said, we’ve […]

  • First day of spring

    First day of spring

    I’ve never seen so much snow outside our front door before. Aberdeen is looking gorgeous this morning for the first day of spring. I flew back to Aberdeen from Nice yesterday afternoon and I’m very lucky to be here. All other airports in Scotland were closed and all BA and Flybe flights in and out […]

  • A winter person

    A winter person

    I didn’t want to leave Ballater today. It started snowing heavily this morning and it was the kind of snow that settles for a few days; the best kind of snow. The flakes were huge and dry and it wasn’t windy or particularly cold. The snow followed us all the way back home, turning to […]