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  • A dream come true

    A dream come true

    Today was a good day. It has long been a dream of mine to ice skate outside in a natural environment and today I ticked that off my list.  Aberdeen has had several days of sub-zero temperatures, freezing the water in lakes and ponds. We found what is really just a puddle of water on […]

  • Skiing in Aberdeen

    Skiing in Aberdeen

    We had another glorious day in the snow today. My mum is visiting and here she is getting into the spirit of the day and throwing snowballs at the grandkids. We got out our skis and went into the park to practice. Even Granny had a go. It was snowing quite heavily. You can see […]

  • Winter wonderland

    Winter wonderland

    We woke up to a glorious winter wonderland this morning which was followed by a lovely sunny day. I cycled to Newton Dee like I always do. It wasn’t slippery but it was hard work cycling on the snow. There was lots of resistance; a bit like cycling on the grass. I was grateful for […]

  • Ice-skating at the Christmas markets

    Ice-skating at the Christmas markets

    Sometimes life feels like Groundhog Day. Has it really been a year since we went ice-skating at the Christmas markets? We went again today and it felt like we just did this yesterday but it has been a full year. I love ice-skating. What I like most is the physical activity without all the sweating. […]

  • Aberdeen Christmas Village

    The Aberdeen Christmas Village is up and running again this year. We went first thing this morning to avoid the crowds and to be the first ones on the ice at the outdoor skating rink. It’s a slightly bigger rink than last year and we mostly had it to ourselves. Sunday morning at 10am is […]

  • Igloos and ice-skating

    It’s another beautiful day here today with sun and blue sky. The only thing missing is the snow but it’s so warm there’s no chance of that happening. One day I’d love to visit Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland where there is guaranteed snow and where kids can also visit Santa Claus. Kakslauttanen have these fantastic-looking glass […]

  • Aberdeen Christmas Village

    There’s a Christmas village in Aberdeen this year! This is apparently the first time the city has had one so we went and had a look. We went first on Saturday afternoon and it was heaving. In fact it was so busy that we decided to leave and come back again first thing this morning […]

  • Edinburgh Christmas market

    I’m writing this on the train back to Aberdeen. We had a fantastic day in Edinburgh today. The Christmas markets just began this week and they are wonderful. We went on the ferris wheel and it was a gorgeous day which meant we had spectacular views from the top. There’s an outdoor skating rink there which I couldn’t […]

  • Curling in Ballater and the Royal Station Museum

    This morning I went for a run around the golf course in Ballater. The roads and pavements in the village have icy patches which aren’t visible with the coating of snow they got yesterday and so it can be slippery running around the streets. The grassy golf course seemed a safer option. It turned out […]

  • Yorkshire’s Winter Wonderland

    I stacked it (stack it = Aussie phrase for fell over) big time at the outdoor skating rink today which is at Yorkshire’s winter wonderland. It’s a superb rink by the way and much fun was had by all. But I got a little bit overly confident in my abilities and tried one of those […]

  • Winter sports are the best

    We went to Newcastle for the afternoon. It started off badly: there was rain, the children wanted to go home and we had nothing planned other than to walk around in the rain for a couple of hours before going back to York. But then things changed. First we ran into someone famous: Then I […]

  • Auckland has a mother-in-law problem

    Yesterday afternoon my fab husband babysat so that I could enjoy a could of hours skating at the ice rink. It was great exercise without feeling like exercise because it was fun and there was no risk of keeling over with heat stroke. This is how exercise should be. I could avoid the heat stroke […]

  • Where are the penguins?

    Yesterday I took the children to the snow and the beach on the same day. There are few places in the world where you can do this and I don’t count Auckland as one of them because the snow was fake snow at Snow Planet. Christchurch is just such a place though. Although the beach […]