Scones, tomatoes, fires, and pain relief

I woke up this morning excited to start my day. As Ben would say, “Don’t worry, you’ll get over it”, I’m sure I will. I got up and made some vegan scones with a Scottish twist by adding oats. I love oats and they’re so good for you. The scones are delicious and the perfect amount of crumbly. For the buttermilk I used oat milk with some white vinegar.


It’s mid-November here and I’m still getting tomatoes from my greenhouse.


On Tuesday last week I gave a short talk at the open mic night Climate Cafe. I talked about living without a car and how much it has enhanced my quality of life and also how much money it saves us. It was the 1st birthday event for the Climate Cafe which is wonderful. It’s such a successful monthly event and if you live in Aberdeen I highly recommend it. Here’s a photo from last Tuesday taken by Monica Bocaneala.


We’re making great use of our ethanol fire. I love it so much. I’ve discovered I can put fragrance oils on the metal lid and get a nice aroma while the fire is burning. The only thing missing is the sound of cracking wood; however, I found a solution to this in the form of a 10-hour YouTube video which makes the sound effects for you.


I took a short video so you can hear the sound:


I’m also planning another campaign event for the Aberdeen Cycle Forum. We’re going to meet on Sunday 25th November from 12-2pm outside Marks and Spencer on Union St to raise the issue of air pollution and the harm it causes our health. We want our local authorities to start addressing the problem through low emissions zones and active travel infrastructure.

I’ve completely given up all drugs. I used to take aspirin for headaches which I get quite frequently – every month at least. They seem to be linked to the menstrual cycle and can sometimes be quite debilitating. A friend introduced me to 4head which is a menthol-type product you rub on your forehead and temples. I was very skeptical at first but it really works – better than aspirin and paracetamol which often had no effect anyway. I’ve often noticed that peppermint tea helps with headaches. Menthol is a derivative of peppermint and I’ve read there’s evidence that it’s just as effective, if not more, than paracetamol in treating headaches. Paracetamol has never worked for me. Now I’m completely drug-free and it feels great.


6 thoughts on “Scones, tomatoes, fires, and pain relief”

  1. I realize you’re not running a cookery blog, but those scones sound delicious, and I am looking for a good home recipe. Care to share yours, or link to wherever you found it? 🙂

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