VPud – vegan black pudding

I tried the world’s first vegan black pudding this week. It’s made by a firm in Lancashire called The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company. It was delicious! It’s made mostly with oats and pearl barley, two of my favourite foods. They use beetroot to give it a deep red colour. It’s very easy to make: just cut into 1cm thick slices and fry for several minutes on both sides.

If you live in Aberdeen you can buy it at Foodstory.




7 Replies to “VPud – vegan black pudding”

  1. Just had vegan sweet potato brownies courtesy of my sons girlfriend but I think this looks even better…

  2. That looks good. I really like black pudding, both texture and taste. I will have to get this from Amazon, can’t see it near me, it’s had some good reviews there too.

    1. It was really good but I’ve never eaten true black pudding so I’m not sure how it compares.

  3. Oh of course I could get it direct from the shop, and then I can try some other things too 🙂

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