International Festival

I have spent most of this weekend hard at work in the kitchen. The school had an international festival today and the mum organising it asked me whether I’d like to bring some vegan food. I was delighted to be asked and felt I had to put on a good spread as a representative of plant-based diets. The idea behind the festival is that each person bring some food relevant to their cultural heritage so it’s somewhat ironic that I should bring vegan food since Australians eat more meat per capita than any other country in the OECD.

Cooking is not my forté. I prefer gardening and crochet so I felt a tiny bit nervous in the weeks leading up to this event and did several practice runs, most of which failed miserably. Thankfully everything came together this weekend and the food I made was very palatable.


I made curry puffs, cinnamon scrolls, chocolate muffins, and orange shortbread. There’s nothing left now except for a couple of shortbread biscuits.




Aberdeen is a very multicultural city. There was food from France, Holland, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia, China, Russia, India, Poland, and Scotland. It’s nice for the children to grow up with such diversity and I really appreciate this aspect to Aberdeen. My own school when I was a child was similarly diverse and we also had international food festivals like this. I have fond memories of them.

Daniel and Elizabeth have been learning Highland Dancing at school and the class put on a performance. It was terrific.

I love being vegan.


9 thoughts on “International Festival”

  1. Food shares are such a great way to show people how attractive vegan food can be. It was nice that someone at school took the time to ask you to contribute.

      1. How are you feeling about school in general? All the playground and garden stuff etc it seemed a bit frustrating…

      2. The playground still sucks but the school overall is very good. The quality of the teaching is excellent and they really care about the kids. Daniel and Elizabeth both like it there a lot. I wish the playground was better but better to have a crappy playground and terrific teaching than the other way around.

    1. Yes! It’s actually on my blog already:

      I should have linked to it in my post. I’m lazy and just buy the puff pastry. The lentil mixture inside is very easy to make and the most fiddly part is spooning it into the pastry. I usually make a large batch and then freeze a heap of them as they freeze well and can be booked from frozen.

  2. I like the sound of everything except Curry Puffs. My wife Christine doesn’t like Cinnamon, but I do and the others sound gorgeous. Glad it went well and you kept the Vegan flag flying (not that I’m Vegan or Australian either!).

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