Diversity at Heathrow airport and living in the UK

I’m back in the UK and waiting at Heathrow airport where I’ve just stuffed myself full of food and am thinking of going back for more. I threw myself at Pret a Manger like a ravenous lion who hasn’t eaten properly for months. I love Pret. It’s one of my favourite eateries. Here’s what I got for £7.95 just now:

An entree of chia seeds in coconut yoghurt with mango and pomegranate seeds.


A main with rice, beetroot, falafel, beans, broccoli, basil, lemon, and mint, and pomegranate seeds.


I even got dessert: a delicious coconut chocolate thing.


Spending a week in Spain made me realise how much I take the wonderful food choices here for granted. I’m only at the airport and there’s so much choice. I always make my flight connections in Heathrow for this reason.

I love living in the UK. There’s so much diversity here and so many options and people are mostly very respectful of differences. The passport control officers themselves were all very diverse. One woman officer was wearing a hijab, there was a man with a sikh turban, and when it was my turn I got a young man with a distinctly Australian accent.

10 thoughts on “Diversity at Heathrow airport and living in the UK”

  1. That’s so interesting. My experience at Heathrow is almost diametrically opposite (not the good bit).

    Not being tall and blonde, I am regularly stopped for extended questioning by various border control people (including post-passport control) despite my having an EU passport and UK residency.

    I have noticed this also at Aberdeen airport and it is definitely something that didn’t happen two to five years ago. Maybe as I grow older I look shifter 🙂

    1. I have also been detained at Heathrow several times. The last time all of us were detained and finger-printed and had mug shots taken. That tends not to happen when I’m in transit – I think the customs officers are less grumpy for passengers in transit. If I could fly straight to Aberdeen that would be preferable but as there’s usually a change somewhere I will choose Heathrow over Amsterdam and Paris just for the food.

      1. I think I land at T3 and depart T5, so would look for a bite at T5. I always print out a map of the Heathrow terminals and take it on the plane with me, so I know exactly where to find Pret a Manger or M&S Foods! 🙂
        I’m very happy that Finally airports seem to be making simple – edible – dishes, which is all you want after a 12 hour flight! 🙂

  2. Yes, the food at Pret is great, good choice etc. From the outside Pret looks really good, the forced smiles and happiness from tge team members. I worked in Pret for 10 years. When my brother died I was bullied and discriminated by managers and HR during bereavement. On my website I compiled Pret Staff Complaints of discrimination, bullying, forced happiness by many staff members I linked from Employment Review websites. Pret has a shiny facade and are now giving £1000 to each staff member because they have lost 8000 staff since 2016. Pret is desperate ti recruit with Brexit advancing. Take deeper look into Pret.

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