Not a true Australian

Recently one of the dads at school was telling me how he’d played professional rugby as a teenager. He said he got to play against some really great players and then listed off a few names. I could tell by his tone that I was supposed to be impressed by this and that these were people I should have heard of and so I pretended to be wowed but I had no idea who he was talking about. Later I relayed the conversation to Ben and because I couldn’t quite remember the names I said the closest names I could remember: something like Lumos and Kamekaze. Ben roared with laughter. Apparently I should know who Jonah Lomu and David Campese are. Obviously, I’m not a true Australian.

The wool “slug gone” pellets I tried are useless. This week I started to notice holes in my pak choi.


Then I saw the tell-tale sign of slime right on top of the wool pellets.


The cheeky bugger crawled right across the top of them! The other night I decided to wait until dark and then go and investigate with a torch. It was very timely because just as I went into the greenhouse I saw the antenna of a giant blank slug just about to crawl over the side of the raised garden bed. That’s the end of midnight feasting in my greenhouse for that slug. Now I just need someone to stand guard all night long in the greenhouse.

10 responses to “Not a true Australian”

    1. I want a hedgehog! (I just mis-typed hedgehog three times. First two times as hedgegod and then third time as hedgedog). So yes, we want a hedgeGOD. how do I get one? We have a hedgehog house in our backyard but no-one has moved in yet.

      1. No idea. We spotted one in our yard the other day. First time I’ve ever seen one. Apparently they like dog biscuits 😀

  1. Well, you could always say you’re more of a Rugby XIII kind of person!
    However you’re not excused since you don’t know anything about Lomu and Campese!

    Kamekaze on the other hand… XDXDXD

    1. Well, you could always say you’re more of a Rugby XIII kind of person!

      But that would be lying. I’m not a fan of fall sports. I don’t even understand the game or the rules 🙂

      1. One day I’ll teach you how to play touch/tag rugby!

  2. Some people swear by copper mesh. I’ve never tested it, but it isn’t something I’d dismiss out of hand either. Even humans with our relatively weak sense of smell can detect minute traces of volatile organometallic compounds… think of the smell of iron or tarnished brass or bronze. It’s not inconceivable that an invertebrate with a moist, very thin skin might be sensitive to potentially toxic compounds.

    1. I’ve heard that about copper and I’m trying that now. I’ve put copper tape around a couple of pots and if it does well I’ll get lots more of it.

      1. Looks like I was wrong about an important detail… the odours aren’t caused by organometallic compounds but by organic compounds produced by reaction of chemical compounds on the skin with metal.

      2. Let me know if it works. We get slugs in our house sometimes 😦 I haven’t figured out where they get in yet, but it seems they can squeeze through the tiniest cracks. Once I figure that out I can either block the entry point or maybe deter them with copper tape.

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