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  • Hedgehogs eating the snails and berries from my allotment

    Hedgehogs eating the snails and berries from my allotment

    Are you sick of hedgehog updates yet? We’ve been seeing the hedgehogs a lot. Last night we saw one of them clambering up the compost heap. Then this morning I saw one eating and drinking from the food bowl I put out. That green house is the Hogilo which you can buy from the British […]

  • Not a true Australian

    Not a true Australian

    Recently one of the dads at school was telling me how he’d played professional rugby as a teenager. He said he got to play against some really great players and then listed off a few names. I could tell by his tone that I was supposed to be impressed by this and that these were people I […]

  • Turkey neck and gardening

    Turkey neck and gardening

    I’m trying to reduce the amount of sugar I eat, partly for health reasons and partly for vanity. I’m starting to notice the wrinkles more and more and – dare I admit it, a turkey neck! – and sugar ages you. I’ll never be able to give up chocolate but sugar sneaks into things that don’t […]

  • Doctor Who, Sherlock, and drowning in beer

    Doctor Who, Sherlock, and drowning in beer

    We introduced the kids to the 2005 Series of Doctor Who last weekend and it was an instant hit. They haven’t seen any Doctor Who before and now they’re fans for life. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel gets himself a Tardis one day. The special effects haven’t changed much in 40 years and some of […]

  • Can I outwit a slug?

    Can I outwit a slug?

    I’ve been planting lots of seeds over the past month or so and they germinate and start to grow. But then something comes along, probably a slug, and demolishes it in one go. They don’t eat the weeds. Oh no. They leave the weeds and eat the thing I want. I’m not going to be […]