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  • A vegan menu

    A vegan menu

    We had a superb meal at the restaurant in Dunblane last night. We ate at The Kailyard and their vegetarian menu is one of the best I’ve seen and tasted. I had the mushroom and cashew wellington which was delicious. For dessert, I had the chocolate and orange tart which was also superb. We went […]

  • Gull dinner party

    Gull dinner party

    I baked another dud sourdough loaf which I threw onto the back lawn. A colony of gulls swooped in and demolished it all in less than a minute. Before the gulls arrived some local birds had a go. I got this one brave bird feasting right in front of Victoria our cat. I’m not sure […]

  • Yoga cat

    Yoga cat

    Sleeping position today.

  • The view from the cycle path today

  • The view from the cycle path

    The view from the cycle path

    The other week I wrote about how the view on my ride to Newton Dee is different all the time. Today it looks like this. The cycle path had a thin coating of snow which made a nice crunching sound as I cycled along it. What do you think of my hat? I got it […]

  • Appreciating weather

    Appreciating weather

    I took this photo on my ride to Newton Dee today. I go to Newton Dee at least once a week, sometimes twice, if I’m lucky. The view is never the same. Sometimes it’s rainy, sometimes sunny, sometimes dark and gloomy, sometimes sparkly white with snow, sometimes frosty, sometimes clear blue skies, sometimes a mix […]

  • Beards

    Last night I found myself seated at a table with five bearded men. There’s assigned seating each night in a different restaurant here so I sit with different people for each meal. It has been really fun and how lucky was I to be the only woman at a table with five bearded men. The topic of […]

  • The Terminator

    He’s known in the school playground as the Terminator and here he is in my bakfiets. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Road works and Daniel's party

    Street Maintenance Auckland Transport has spent the last week ripping up the footpaths and kerbs on our street and replacing them with new footpaths and kerbs. I can’t think why they’re doing this as the footpaths and kerbs looked fine to me before. What I find even more frustrating is the absence of a cycle […]